Friday, January 22, 2010

To Mount or Not to Mount Projectors

It has been an active 3 weeks since I've last posted. Things are starting to pull together as our roll-out of the 21st Century Classroom equipment will begin in one of our buildings next month. It is an exciting yet frustrating time. This plan evolves and revolves, so something that I may have told a teacher last week is different this week. At least I always preface my statements with "this is not set in stone & could possibly change."

I totally understand the reasons why this fact, I really appreciate the vision we have to be flexible and not just stick to something because that was the original plan. That being said, one of the issues on this teeter-totter is whether to mount or not mount the projectors, and I just have to add my 2 cents worth...

I acknowledge that it will initially save money, but we just HAVE to mount those projectors. Without mounted projectors, I can totally see my coaching time being spent in the classrooms re-orienting boards that lose calibration due to a tiny bump to the projector cart. (By the way, we are not purchasing carts) I have talked to many teachers during my time in the buildings who are eagar, yet apprehensive for this technology to be in their classrooms. I often hear, "This will be so neat--but I don't know if I'll be able to learn to use it." (To which I reply, "I'll be by your side.") I personally know from having a non-mounted Smart Board and non-mounted projector in my classroom how frustrating the calibration issue is. One bump of the board or projector stopped my lesson in its tracks. We waste precious class time re-orienting the board...or we just quit using the board. Lose-lose situation in either case.