Friday, November 20, 2009

Digital textbooks and students with laptops

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The article below was published in 2003, but has gotten recent attention due to California’s digital textbook initiative:

It took almost two years for success stories to start flowing.
Click the link to read the article and watch the video.
Excerpt from article: The laptops have spurred a host of projects that often cut across disciplines and allow students to go more deeply into subjects, in contrast to "mile-wide, inch-deep" instruction. Such projects, says Ship Bright, executive director of the Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute (MLCI), help answer the question: "How do we make these laptops more than a $2,000 pencil?"

What I take from this article is that it takes a huge, long-term commitment of more than a few people to make a project like this successful.
Another Digital textbook resource:
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  1. I think my favorite link in your post is from Edutopia. (Article & Video)I agree that it takes a huge, long-term commitment from a lot of people to make this work. Generally, it takes three years to see the rewards from implementing a change. The video stated that the crucial element was the time and money to work with the teachers at the onset. Just from reading other blogs and having one-on-one conversations, this is where these initiatives succeed or fail.
    I loved the quotes in the video: "these are an equity tool," & "kids work more." Think of how much time and effort a well-meaning teacher puts into researching a various topic to present to the students. The students should be doing this; and a laptop initiative puts the tools into their hands...a 20 cent pencil can't do that.