Friday, February 19, 2010

Flying High

It's been an excellent week, and here are a few examples why:

I met with MS Science teachers about CPS Responders & had some nice feedback about using them in the classrooms.

I've enrolled another elementary teacher with the CPS Responders & she is soooo excited and motivated.

I've passed my new CPS software upgrade woes off to e-instruction.

Fourth grade Tag students and I have successfully experimented with Google Sites.

All my Standards, Benchmarks, and Core Indicators for the Middle School Technology classes have successfully been added to Pinnacle Global Scholar. has re-surfaced & has been a wonderful way to enroll more teachers...I just need to get a little more "solid" with it. (Weekend plans)

And finally, the State Accreditation team stated that the Technology Instructional Coaches were highlighted as a district area of success! Wow! What a great ending to the week.

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