Friday, March 5, 2010

Great Week!

With all that is going on, I felt this last week was one of the best weeks that I've had in quite some time. On Monday afternoon, I did some training on document cameras at Leeds. I went over the use of the software and how you can use that during instruction, and the basics of setting up your document camera.

That was very easy. The thing that made the week great was that every day this week I have been at Leeds for a few hours every day, checking in, doing a little re training, going over uses in the classroom etc... Many times with training, you do the training and struggle to get back and check in and see how things were going. It was great to answer questions immediately and get people excited and interested in what we were doing.

As for the Microsoft Settlement, things seem to be progressing finally. I have said that before and bam!! Another road block. We have all the training sites secured and we are ready to start putting dates and groups together for training. About time!!! I'm excited about it!

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