Friday, April 9, 2010

Tech PR

We had the pleasure today to share a little of our tech PR to a group of retired citizens during a luncheon. First, I am humbled by the amount of knowledge and wisdom congregated in that room. The questions we were asked were insightful and at times, quite direct. I'm glad Layne was there to handle some of them.

We were able to model the use of the responder system by presenting a quiz and demonstrating how teachers can use that information to focus their instruction. We used the Mobi and Workspace software as well.

Just by a show of hands, nearly everyone in that group used a cell phone--which always just amazes me, because in their lifetime, technology has changed so drastically, and yet they are so willing to embrace it. One gentleman, probably in his late 70's & a former physician, shared how he loved his Kindle and how it allows him access to so many texts. Another asked about SecondLife and how we can use that for instruction. made me realize that even this generation "get's it" and how important it is that we continue our effort to put this in the hands of our students and structure our teaching accordingly.

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