Monday, June 14, 2010

Tech Training

We are in our second full week of training elementary teachers starting today.  We are getting some really good feedback.  I think the best part of having this training is to see the teachers become more comfortable with the tools and really start to see the benefits to them in the classroom.  In this short amount of time, our goal is to have teachers not only learn the tools, but to create a comfort level with our tech coaches, build relationships within their buildings for support and also see the benefits of integrating the technology into their teaching.

Some of the best feedback that we've gotten is that teachers love the time we give them to play and they love the book we created for them.

Starting Wed and Thurs.  I'm going to video the training (using 2 different cameras).  This will allow us to post the training sessions on line using Creation Station from SAFARI-MONTAGE.

The fun continues.


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