Friday, December 2, 2011

What I've learned this week - 12/8/2011

Exciting week!  So many things learned this week, it's hard to put it all down.  I started this last Friday and it's already Thursday.  It shouldn't take this long to blog!!

1. SmartSync will work, but there is some weird permissions thing that is giving students an error (sometimes).  What did I learn?  When a problem is not defined clearly, it is hard to attack it effectively. 
It seems that when students get the Windows updates that are pushing out district wide, the problems with Smart sync go away.

2. Windows updates can be a good thing.

3. The need for REAL-TIME or Right-on-time PD will NEVER go away.  It's really the BEST model for improving instruction with technology integration (innovation).  However, the practice of this really needs a continual process of problem definition and solution.

4. PILOT programs are GOOD!!  I love to see the impact our pilot teacher is making with 30 ipads in his Lang. Arts course at NHS.  Great Job, Mr. O!

5.  Quickreads is an amazing product.  I can't wait to see if it produces results for student's fluency in reading.  The setup has been fairly painless, except for the fact that it won't work with NComputing setups.

6. Having the stomach flu is NOT a healthy way to lose 10 pounds!

Have a great weekend!

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