Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well once again I have not been very good about my blog. Imagine that. I have been busy over the last week or so working on different aspects of the Microsoft Settlement. I have been going around to all the Elementary Schools with our rep showing him the classrooms and creating a more concrete list of what we need to order. I have also been working with Jo Dee and Neil on our plan for the use of technology so we can get that approved by the state. I need to get out in to classrooms more. It's very hard.

I find it very hard to get our in to classrooms to discuss technology and to model lessons with technology when the teacher doesn't have the technology. I know I have blogged about this before. I feel bad I haven't been out as much as I should, but that will be changing. Once the roll out officially begins, I will be out all the time. i have so many good things to share, but it's not worth my time to share unless a teacher has the technology to try what I am sharing.

Aside from working on the Microsoft plan, Jo Dee and I have gotten our fair share of PR this last week or so. In these tough times, PR is great. We have presented some ideas and what we do to a couple of committees. Jo Dee also presented at a board meeting. The more exposure, the better off we are as Technology Coaches. Gotta love it!!

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  1. Go Jo Dee.....some people think the coaches jobs aren't necessary and I for one beg to differ! Get those Board members on board now. Make sure they know how important all of you are to those of us in the trenches.