Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Snowy Monday

I haven't blogged in a while, but just a quick update.
Things are rolling along quite quickly now and with Microsoft settlement.
We will have one school up to speed quickly to test how quickly reimbursement comes and then roll the plans out for the other schools accordingly.
Excited about getting out in the buildings today.
I'm setting up a skype communication first thing today for a girl who is traveling to Kenya and will be working with her teacher to keep up while she is gone.
Also, will be working with a mass-comm class at WHS to get some video posted online.
Online learning is progressing nicely and I will have 12 more teachers in tomorrow writing curriculum all day.

I can't let that snow get me down!!


  1. Layne- I think the technology that is being pushed out in your district is fantastic.

  2. Layne,
    I heard that we would begin some of the training for the E-Instruction, in our buildings during Monday inservices this spring. Who will be doing this training? For example, will Tina, Robin and myself be doing this at East Middle, or will it be company trainers, or from within our district? Just curious and is this true that we will begin this spring. Are the middle schools on track for getting equipment this fall? I have had several people question as far as the time line.

    Thank you,

    Julie Sweeney

  3. Layne,
    Is that you with the cans in the picture? I just want to say thanks to the technology department for all you have done and will continue to do to make all this technology "stuff" happen. It will be great for all the teachers and the students.

  4. That's great about the skyping. I know someone going to Kenya for volunteer work, wonder if he is taking his kids and if that is his daughter going? Just think, if all our kids had computers at home they couldn't use "home sick" as excuse to miss their classes if teachers could just skype with them during class time!

    Kris Moser

  5. Layne,

    Do they have any specific plans for special educators with the training, since most co-teach? And yeah, will we be doing the training in our own buildings? Good question Julie.

    Robin Ashley

  6. This is my comment to make sure my comments box is working!!

  7. Ditto the questions Julie Sweeney asked.